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Separating from your spouse is never easy. Beyond the emotional burden, divorce also places financial and legal burdens on all parties involved. You need to make sure your rights are protected and the agreements reached in your legal dispute contribute to a favorable and lasting resolution for yourself and your family.

I am Stephanie L. Tigue, a family law attorney located in Lackawanna County and practicing in Lackawanna, Luzerne, and surrounding NEPA counties. I am the founder of Tigue Law, and work with clients who are going though Divorce or Custody situations, and I work hard to negotiate and achieve the most favorable agreements for my clients. Whether it is Division of Assets (Equitable Distribution), Child Custody (Visitation) or Support (Spousal/Alimony or Child), I strive to always do what is in the client’s best interest, keeping them informed every step of the way. If settlement is not possible, I will fight aggressively in court to ensure that my clients receive all that they are entitled to.

Divorce in Pennsylvania

There are a number of considerations when contemplating Divorce, each of which leads to different legal ramifications. The most common issues of concern in a divorce are:

  • Filing a "Fault" or "No-Fault" Divorce
  • Division of Property (Equitable Distribution)
  • Spousal Support/ Alimony Pendente Lite/ Alimony
  • Pre-nuptual and Post-nuptual agreements

Courts often make difficult decisions based on what is in a child’s best interest, or what is right for an individual family because every child and family is different. Often, the adversarial nature of divorce and custody proceedings results in an inability to compromise, and progress on the case declines. Before Court becomes a necessity, I will work aggressively to negotiate agreements outside of court as relating to Equitable Distribution (Division of Marital Assets/Liabilities) or Child Custody. A negotiated agreement often leaves clients with more control over the outcome, and in cases of child custody, serves the child’s best interest and provides a more amicable foundation for the years ahead. When courtroom proceedings are necessary, preparation of the case along with a strong understanding of the law will go far in working towards the client’s desired results.

I am an aggressive advocate for my clients in the courtroom, and will strive to satisfy my clients' wishes through proven legal experience to achieve the most favorable results.

Effective representation tailored to your unique goals

The issues my clients face involve highly personal decisions that demand personal attention from a quailified family attorney. Unfortunately, many people end up working with lawyers who never return phone calls or keep clients in the dark about the status of their case.

I provide quality representation that parallels that of any large law firm, but I work hard to represent my clients on an individual basis, getting to know their unique concerns and helping them make decisions that reflect the full scope of their well-being.

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