Protective Orders, Restraining Orders & Defense Against False Allegations

Protective Orders provide a means for victims of abuse to obtain legal protection from their abusers.

There are three types of protective orders:

  • Protection from Abuse (PFA)
  • Protection from Intimidation (PFI)
  • Sexual Violence Protective Orders (SVPO)

These Orders can be sought by anyone who has either been involved in an intimate relationship with, or who is a blood relative of their abuser, and who is now suffering from domestic violence. Abuse comes in many forms: Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Financial Abuse, Intimidation, Coercion/Threats, or Control.

I can help you take immediate action in cases of:

  • Emergency orders: An emergency order is available to victims of abuse who need protection on weekends or holidays when the courts are closed. It may be granted by the on-call magisterial district judge if he or she believes an individual or child to be in immediate danger, and expires on the next business day, providing protection until a victim can pursue an ex parte temporary PFA.
  • Ex parte temporary PFAs: "Ex parte" indicates that these PFAs are provided to victims of abuse without their abusers present in court. Orders are provided on the basis of the victim's application, and are designed to provide protection until a final PFA can be obtained through a full court hearing.
  • Final PFAs: A final PFA may be granted after a full court hearing takes place in which both victims and alleged abusers can provide evidence and testify before a judge. If granted, a final PFA may last up to three years and can be extended under certain circumstances.

An Experienced Attorney Here to Help

As a former prosecutor in the domestic violence unit of the Lackawanna County District Attorney's office, I am highly experienced in the laws of protection from abuse in Pennsylvania and will work hard to help you win your case. I have prosecuted hundreds of PFA violations, and as a defense attorney have acute knowledge of how the process works. Through it all, the safety and security of my clients is always of utmost importance.

To me, representing clients means giving them the chance to discuss the details of their case and have their voices heard, along with giving them the confidence to move forward. I work with them directly, am available to answer their questions and provide counsel that reflects years of experience, in-depth knowledge and the determination to find a lasting solution.

If you have been the victim of abuse, have had a Protective Order filed against you in Lackawanna County or have been charged with violating a Protective Order, retain reliable experienced counsel as soon as possible. Effective July 1, 2015, the "Protection of Victims of Sexual Violence or Intimidation Act" was enacted to provide victims of sexual violence or intimidation a civil remedy that requires the abuser to stay away from the victim regardless of whether the victim seeks criminal prosecution. "No-Contact" Orders can include restraining a defendant from entering a plaintiff’s residence, place of employment, business, or school, as well as prohibiting indirect contact through third parties. Final Orders may remain in effect for up to three years. 

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